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Cherish your memories of the Waldorf Astoria New York, or pick the perfect gift for family and friends, with a selection from our gift collection. Check out Host To the World, the movie produced by the hotel, where top Waldorf insiders take you on a journey through time as they share the legacy of "the unofficial palace of New York". Immerse yourself in a bygone era with a set of Waldorf Postcards or Waldorf Note Cards. For gastronomes, culinarians, and collectors, The Waldorf Astoria Cookbook is a favorite; many recipes are featured in our restaurants; all make delicious and artful presentations.


Cosset yourself with our Suite Dreams bed and accessories. Soft, fluffy mattress pads, finely woven Egyptian cotton sheets, and feather-light down blankets conspire to lull hotel guests into serene repose. Every visitor to the hotel, from England's Prime Minister on state business to the newlywed couple splurging on their first night out, rests enfolded in this silken cocoon of comfort. Using the items you'll find within, we invite you to create the experience for yourself.

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For over a century, The Waldorf Astoria New York and The Towers of the Wadorf Astoria New York have been two of the world's preferred destinations, beckoning discerning travelers with their welcoming embrace. These visitors return year after year, knowing that fond memories begin with thoughtful choices. These seasoned voyagers also recognize that engaging companions make your journey all the richer. Our assemblage of well-considered accessories will become your favorite travel partners, lending a distinctive flair to both business and leisure outings.

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The Waldorf Astoria's culinary corps sets the benchmarks by which excellence is measured. Whether preparing the hotel's signature dishes, such as Waldorf Salad and Veal Oscar, or an exotic state dinner for the potentate of a distant land, these culinary masters pour a gratifying measure of gourmet artistry and expertise into every creation.

The same exacting values are reflected in our tasty melange of culinary accessories and equipment. Each item was personally selected and is used by hotel chefs to create The Waldorf Astoria's delectable gourmet offerings. Bon Appetit!

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As a designated landmark and a national treasure, The Waldorf Astoria's magnificent Art Deco design defines the rare appeal of a bygone era. Generations have traversed the magnificent 148,000-piece, marble Wheel of Life mosaic in its Park Avenue Lobby, made deals under its storied Lobby Clock, or celebrated life's most precious moments in its fashionable public salons. The items selected for this category pay tribute to who have come before, presenting a showcase of the Waldorf’s most cherished guest amenities.

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Another Waldorf favorite is a Waldorf Gift Card, perhaps for dinner at Bull and Bear Prime Steakhouse, or a Spa treatment. Gift certificates are distinctive presents for holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, or any special occasion. Certificates are available in any denomination, and are valid for any room or food and beverage purchase at The Waldorf Astoria and the Towers.

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In 1897, only four years after the original Waldorf opened, "Harper's Bazaar" paid the hotel one of its greatest compliments: "The fashion of New York, the Mecca of visitors from many nations, because nowhere else in the world has any hotel come to play so important a part in the social life of a great city." Today, this officially designated New York landmark is much more than a prominent figure in Manhattan's social whirl. It is a historic and cultural legend - a monument to a gracious era when life was savored rather than consumed in giant gulps. To celebrate your visit to The Waldorf Astoria, or as a treat for someone who has yet to experience its timeless beauty, we invite you to enjoy one of our signature commemorative treasures. Each will keep you company until we may have the pleasure of extending a personal welcome.

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Top Waldorf insiders take you on a journey through time as they share the legacy of "the unofficial palace of New York," from its star-studded opening in 1893 to its glorious present. Through meticulously preserved historic photography, stunning video footage, and stylish prose, step inside a living landmark-and one of America's greatest Art Deco treasures.

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