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    • The Blackout Club
      Posted by WaldorfAstoriaNYC on May 16, 2014

      At 5:23 PM on November 9, 1965, New York City, along with the rest of the Northeast, suffered from a “significant disruption in the supply of electricity” – better known as The Northeast Blackout. However, [...]

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    • “Old Blue Eyes” at the Waldorf Astoria
      Posted by WaldorfAstoriaNYC on May 9, 2014

      Many types of people have graced the halls and rooms of our glamorous hotel – princes, movie stars, famous singers and dancers – however, there is only one major figure that not only began his career in our [...]

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    • History of the Motorama
      Posted by WaldorfAstoriaNYC on May 2, 2014

      The General Motors Motor Show (also known as the “Motorama”) was a national automobile show hosted by GM from 1931 to 1961 which began in New York City’s Waldorf Astoria Hotel. Showcased in our Grand Ballroom, these automobile extravaganzas were designed to boost [...]

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    • An Astronaut Visits the Waldorf Astoria
      Posted by WaldorfAstoriaNYC on April 11, 2014

      As many of you may know, the Waldorf Astoria is famous for its history of hosting some of our world’s most influential figures…Princes, Queens, Kings, Presidents…but what about Astronauts? On February 20, 1962, NASA launched [...]

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    • Green Keys Rating Increase!
      Posted by WaldorfAstoriaNYC on January 15, 2014

      The Sustainability Committee is proud to announce that the Waldorf Astoria has increased its rating in the Green Keys Eco-Rating Program to 4 Keys! 4 Green Keys indicate that we are: “A hotel that has [...]

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    • Happy New Year from the Waldorf Astoria!
      Posted by WaldorfAstoriaNYC on January 3, 2014

      Here at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, we take pride in being able make our guests feel like family; especially during the holidays. This week’s blog will be short and sweet. Simply, I want to take [...]

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