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    • Sweet Competition
      Posted by WaldorfAstoriaNYC on December 17, 2013

      On December 12, 1949 the Waldorf Astoria Hotel hosted the first nation-wide baking competition in the Grand Ballroom. Sponsored by the Pillsbury Corporation, the Grand National Recipe and Baking Contest (as it was known then) [...]

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    • In Memory of President John F. Kennedy
      Posted by WaldorfAstoriaNYC on November 24, 2013

      Since our opening in 1931, The Waldorf Astoria Hotel has served as the backdrop for many of our nations’ most inspirational and heartrending moments. November 22, 2013 marked the 50 year anniversary of President Kennedy’s [...]

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    • A New Spirit
      Posted by WaldorfAstoriaNYC on November 5, 2013

      The 1931 reopening of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel on Park Avenue was cause for celebration and called for a toast – a toast with nonalcoholic cider. This past Monday, October 28th, was the 94th Anniversary [...]

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    • 3 Green Keys!
      Posted by WaldorfAstoriaNYC on September 17, 2013

          The Waldorf Astoria New York is proud to announce that we have recently acquired a 3 Green Keys rating in the Green Keys Eco-Rating Program. 3 Green Keys indicate that we are:   [...]

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    • Waldorf Astoria NY Celebrates Labor Day with True Waldorf Service
      Posted by WaldorfAstoriaNYC on September 2, 2013

      Behind all great businesses are exceptional employees.  The employees of the Waldorf Astoria provide building blocks which work toward the success of this historic hotel.  Since our debut on Park Avenue in 1931, we have [...]

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    • Battle of the Bees: Put Your Honey Where Your Mouth Is!
      Posted by WaldorfAstoriaNYC on 

      Waldorf Astoria New York is celebrating National Honey Month by hosting a rooftop honey competition.  While this is a purely friendly competition, it does present a bit of a “sticky” situation.  The Waldorf Astoria New [...]

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