5 Reasons You’re a Suite Customer

5 Reasons You’re a Suite Customer

With more than 1,400 rooms at our hotel and many different room types, understanding the difference between each category can be challenging.

There are many factors at play as you consider what type of room to book- how many beds you need, what amenities you would like included in your room rate, whether you should book the main hotel or the Towers, among others.

We are here to demystify this process and help you select the perfect appointment for your needs.

You might be a suite customer and not even know it.


Reasons You Might Be a Suite Customer:

1. You’re booking more than one room.

If you are paying for two standard rooms, you can often put that money to better use and book a suite with multiple bedrooms and a separate living space for the same cost or a little more. Guests frequently decide to upgrade to a suite-level accommodation for this reason.

2. You have a big family.

Our suites are very attractive in terms of spaciousness, a feature that can make guests traveling with multiple family members much more comfortable.

Instead of vying for your turn in the shower in a standard appointment, consider this: If you book a large suite, you will have multiple rooms to share.

Your teenager could take over one bathroom while your partner takes a shower in another. Children could watch their favorite TV show in their private bedroom while you watch a football game in the living room.

Our goal is to be your home away from home while you are in New York City, and there is no better way to enjoy this experience than booking a suite.

3. You’re celebrating a special occasion.

Every night, there are many guests who check in to the Waldorf to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary, their honeymoon, or even their wedding night.

These are obviously once-in-a-lifetime events, and they deserve special fanfare. If you are celebrating a special moment in your life, you are definitely a suite customer. 

4. You’re looking for a “Suite Life” experience.

As with any hotel, we have a number of room categories.

While each of our standard guest rooms are fine and clean, with high ceilings and comfortable beds with 9-inch pillow top mattresses, they are not awe-inspiring in the way we hope our Presidential and luxury suites can be.

If you are looking for the ultimate in luxury experiences, you are a suite customer. You may be surprised at the value you receive for the price paid when you walk into your well-appointed suite for the first time.

5. You’d like to take advantage of special amenities that our suite guests in the Towers of the Waldorf Astoria enjoy.

Beyond our room categories in the main Waldorf Astoria hotel, we also have the Towers-level rooms and suites. The Towers of the Waldorf Astoria is a boutique “hotel within a hotel,” located on the top floors of our property, and it is booked as if it were a separate property.

Guest of the Towers enjoy:

– A private, exclusive hotel entrance on 50th Street

– Complimentary in-room Wi-Fi

– Complimentary access to the upscale sauna and gym in our Guerlain Spa on the 19th floor

– Complimentary access to our executive lounge, which provides continental breakfast offerings in the morning and coffee and snacks in the afternoon.

This last point is perhaps the most important- Towers guests enjoy complimentary continental breakfast. The cost of upgrading to a Towers accommodation is often mitigated when you consider the cost of your daily morning meals.


Some features of a Waldorf Astoria hotel stay are constant no matter what room category you book- our iconic ambiance, comfortable beds with signature Waldorf triple-sheeting, and our convenient location to name a few.

That being said, the Waldorf Astoria suites are unlike any other hotel experience and should be considered for all who seek the Suite Life.

We have a Suite Specialist who is dedicated to customizing your Suite Life experience, depending on your preferences and needs. Should you want to request a suite with an amazing view of New York City, or a suite with a bathtub that rivals a hot tub in size, please contact our Suite Specialist at (212) 872-1211 or suitespecialist@waldorfastoria.com.